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It’s been a while since i’ve wanted to social media, blog or write but somehow this 7th week has inspired me. And maybe also it’s because I got the good word that I can work out again. But I’ve also had a ton just building up. About motherhood, politics, and new ideas for blogging.

So what’s my plan? Am I jumping straight back into Rxing WODs and running sub 8 min miles? FUCK NO. I actually enjoyed having some time off, I stopped working out all together at 22 weeks. I lost a lot of muscle (I can see that in my butt, arms and shoulders) and it’s going to be hard to gain it back. But I’m an intelligent 30-something who values spending time with my loved ones, and doing what’s right for my newborn so I’ll be taking it slow. I was able to get into SeaWheeze (which won’t conflict with my little dude’s Birthday, I had him on the weekend the race happened!) and I plan on registering for the Mustache Dasche (though I don’t plan to go sub 20, or sub 22 for that matter!) and BMO half marathon. I don’t have a jogging stroller yet and I don’t plan to put my kid into one until it is recommended (6 months old).

I’m so sick of seeing the pressure bloggers put on themselves to go hard as soon as they can after having a baby. I’m going to be chill and enjoy starting fresh with the hopes of being a better more balanced athlete. 

So… So I’m just gonna smell like breast milk for the next year, I guess.
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Around this time I was starting to feel some serious labor pains. So I slept in a chair in my baby’s nursery and waited til morning to start counting contractions. I didn’t know how hard or bad labor would get, all I knew was that my little guy would be in our arms soon.


The world’s 10 most livable cities aren’t in the U.S.

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I’ve thought seriously about moving up to Vancouver,  my husband’s company has an office in Melbourne, hmmm… Still love Seattle, but hmmm…

I don’t know what’s been up with the universe lately but my husband and I have been getting the worst customer service at every turn. It’s usually fast food, which, I am kind of more understanding of, pay for cheap food, get less than stellar service (but the Capitol Hill Chipotle is officially on our ban list for awhile since it’s been so atrocious).

 But today I was surprised when I walked into a baby boutique in South Lake Union and was barely greeted. I had to have been the first customer, since I walked in shortly after they opened. I was the only one in there and when I asked a question about something specific I was looking for I was met with a somewhat helpful answer (they didn’t have what I wanted but she suggested a big box store to find it) and then no other offer for any other help.

What the woman didn’t know was that I have a couple more things on my list of things to get, and I would likely have purchased them there and asked a couple more questions had she been more friendly and had I not felt like I was encroaching her store somehow just by being there. I milled around for another couple of minutes before heading out with me saying goodbye before she did.

I used to work in an upscale boutique in DC and while I was good at giving my customers some space I also made sure I was friendly and greeted them and asked if they needed any help or advice. I’m an UBER pregnant,  you’d think she’d be falling over me to make sure I have everything I need and make a nice big sale at the beginning of the day. Humph. Now I’ll be making my way to UVillage and hoping it’s not a zoo and that Village Maternity will have what I need. 

At what point do you take girls out of school altogether because boys can’t handle it?
Parent of a female teen whose school banned leggings (via yball)

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