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Last night, before I left the office, I was determined to find a place in Corte Madera to run so I used the trusty google search to help me. One of the first results was the team lemon run from the lulu lemon store in Corte Madera! Wohoo! I met up with a couple of the runners and we drove out to a place I had no idea existed, Tennessee Valley trailhead. The planned run was to be a short 3.5 mile run to the beach of the Tennessee Cove. Here’s what that looked like

Funny enough one of the members of this club was an 8th grade boy who is into Cross Country and was extremely motivated to beat me. I kept an even but fast pace, thinking at first that we’d run together, but then realizing that every time he looked over his shoulder and saw me there he’d go into a sprint. I joked when we reached the beach that in order to get faster he should stop looking over his shoulder since it shaves important seconds off your time to do so (in college we would have been yelled at for looking over our shoulder in a race, I’ve been terrified to do it ever since). I stopped to take a couple of pictures and the boy was off again with a good head start. I waited around a bit for the other folks, but when I started to get cold I started running back towards the parking lot. When I passed the leader of the group she asked me to look after the dude while they finished up, normally they wait on the beach and take a picture she told me, but he told her he couldn’t let me beat him. He had quite the headstart on me on the way back but I caught site of him about a half mile before the parking lot. He saw me and sped up. I again didn’t catch him, because really, why exert that much more to anger the kid. I was happy with the pace, 7:38. 

I think I’ll go back to that trailhead and explore some more of the trails that are there. It’s a really nice place with lots of people walking and running the trails which are very well maintained. I feel safe and it’s pretty.

This morning I went in for another WOD at TCF. Here’s what we did:

Front Squat





Dumbbell Press (15#)

box jump (20”)

SCORE: 4:07

This was a very nice workout. I need to lift my elbows more on my front squat, unfortunately the bar basically rests on my bone which hurts more when I shove it back with my elbows up. I was wearing a tank top today which may have been part of the problem. The Dumbbell press was totally new to me, so I wasn’t sure what weight I should use. I tweaked my elbow just a bit on the warm-up so that got me a little fearful of more weight, but it actually may have been solved with more weight. I’m a box jump lover, so I was able to finish this one pretty quickly. Excited for another WOD with TCF tomorrow!!

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